I propose three systems plugged in together to make the site better and quicker than it is.


  1. The Main YHA Blog for bringing people into the membership section 


WA Hosted Blog – John Already has this hosting system 


After going around the YHA blog it seems extremely clunky and complicated to work with. The first page above the fold has none of the most valuable space being utilized.


I think recreating the blog from new will stop other people from accessing it and also save a lot of time and energy that will be required to make it work well. 


I have moved the old blog onto another hosting so we can access everything inside it including members and stats etc. 


I suggest using WordPress For Main Blog 


  1. Membership software for the membership sites and courses

Membership site to Create YHA Forums and a place to interact with other members Membership site page to allow members in YHA to be able to offer 1 on 1 coaching via messenger video and audio answers directly.


Create individual pages for each YHA member on the WordPress Blog which leads to a Sales Page built on funnel builder with a Thrivecart Button to buy their course.


I propose having recurring banners on the right-hand side on a revolving banner that goes to all the practitioner’s pages.


I also propose having a featured member banner on a weekly or daily rotator which changes members every day or week. 


I propose creating targeted optins on multiple pages of the site to build the mailing list faster and being able to niche down on your target market using these tools/software. 


I normally charge £297 to create a simple 5-page website. I can foresee a lot of pages/members pages and work on this website probably well over 10 times the size of what I normally create. 


For website creation which also includes 20 hours of training on how to use the website and tools ETC.   


For this, It will be £697 to do the WordPress Website including moving over the necessary content from the Old website. This does not include fancy graphics or designs which is not needed to make it profitable and I do not specialise in.


Membership site Setup And Integration To Aweber and Thrivecart/Payments will be £497 

The Optin Software We Need Costs $295 For A Lifetime License.


I can foresee this being a long-term setup as there is lots of ongoing stuff involved which will probably require a lot of my time, energy, and input. 


For doing this I charge a £267 monthly charge to cover consultation and constant updates and additions to the 3 sites and setting up systems, 3 website systems including list building setup, ETC.


This will start on Month two 30 days after ordering websites and will continue until my services are no longer required. 


Website creation setup simplification


YHA WordPress Blog   =    £997    PAID


Membership site setup – £497  CLICK HERE  With £300OFF 


Optin Listbuilding Software Lifetime License  $295  Click Here


Membership Site Software    Month 1  $1 Click Here 


Month 2 $97 with a testimonial 


Month 3 $197 Dollars Per Month 


Recommended Booking Software  Click Here  7 Day Free trial then $20 or $30 Per Month 




YHA WordPress Blog = £697


Membership Site Software = £97


Optin Software $295 1 Off Lifetime License on unlimited websites


Membership Software $1 

Domain ? $13.99

Booking Software 7 days free then $20 or $30 Monthly




Month 2 Costs Membership Software $97 With Testimonial


Ask Sotiris Consulting And Website Updates £267


Booking Software $20 or $30 Monthly




Month 3 Costs  Membership Site Software $197 


Ask Sotiris Consulting And Website Updates £267 


Booking Software $20 or $30 Monthly